Brief History of “Veliatichi” Poultry Farm OJSC
“Veliatichi” Poultry Farm OJSC has a rich history and glorious traditions. The origin of the farm goes back to the early 1930’s of the twentieth century.

Over the past 90 years, the farm has undergone a number of changes. It has become one of the economically developed and successful economic entities in Borisovsky District.
Collective farm “Chyrvonybaratsbyt” and collective farm named after I.V. Stalin were established in the village of Veliatichi.
The “Veliatichi” state farm was established.
A poultry farm was built.
The state farm was reorganized into State Enterprise “Sovkhoz “Veliatichi”

RUAPE “Veliatichi Ptitsesovkhoz” was established.
“Veliatichi” Poultry Farm OJSC was established.
The shares of “Veliatichi” Poultry Farm OJSC were acquired by “AFTAB” FLLC, founded in 2010 by a group of Iranian entrepreneurs, to implement investment projects in the agricultural sector in the Republic of Belarus.

The reconstruction of the poultry slaughterhouse was launched.
The modernization of poultry houses was launched.
In 2016, a slaughterhouse was built and put into operation, equipped with equipment from the Dutch company STORK, with a capacity of 2 thousand heads per hour.
The land of neighboring farms was incorporated into “Veliatichi” Poultry Farm OJSC, thereby increasing the farm area over 5000 ha.
Construction of a modern grain drying plant has been launched.
Through sound human resources policies, “Veliatichi” Poultry Farm OJSC employs the industry’s best professionals, not only from Borisov District, but also from neighboring regions and from the city of Minsk.
The professionals are notable for high level of competence and education combined with extensive practical experience and initiativity.
In 2010, a group of Iranian entrepreneurs founded “AFTAB” FLLC to implement investment projects in the agricultural sector of the Republic of Belarus.
Aftab translated from Farsi, the main language of Iran, means the Sun. The Sun is the source of light and heat for all living creatures on the Earth. The Sun became the name of our company.
“Veliatichi” Poultry Farm OJSC
“Veliatichi” Poultry Farm OJSC is one of its subsidiaries, 99 percent of shares of which were acquired in 2011.
Over the last decade, the investment made led to significant changes:
the poultry slaughterhouse was reconstructed, poultry houses were modernized,
the administrative building was renovated,
new machinery and modern equipment were purchased and the grain drying plant construction was launched.
It is planned to reconstruct the cattle-breeding farm, build a feed plant and a processing enterprise in the future.
Introduction of innovations through the investments will contribute to improving the performance, saving all types of resources and reducing costs.
In the near future, “Veliatichi” Poultry Farm OJSC will be able to become an integrated enterprise which will not only produce, process, but also sell its own products through a corporate chain.

Belarus, Borisovsky district, agro-town Velyatichi, st. Leninskaya, 28