Crop Types
“Veliatichi” Poultry Farm OJSC is effectively developing such a promising area as crop production specializing in growing grain and oil crops, corn for grain and silage, and production of forage (hay and haylage)
Grain crops
In “Veliatichi” Poultry Farm OJSC, grain crops account for nearly half of the crop production areas. These areas are intended for cultivation of barley, wheat, and triticale.
Oil crops
Oil crops are used in various sectors: from the food industry to cosmetics industry and medicine. The oilcake is used to feed livestock. “Veliatichi” Poultry Farm OJSC cultivates rape and oil radish.
Fodder crops
The fodder production is a priority sector of the crop production, without which the livestock development is not possible. “Veliatichi” Poultry Farm OJSC grows perennial and annual grasses, alfalfa, and ryegrass for the production of high-quality haylage and hay.
The most commonly cultivated cereal crop in the world, corn, is sown on large crop production areas in “Veliatichi” Poultry Farm OJSC. The corn is used as feed for cattle, pigs, and poultry, and it is extensively used in the processing industry to produce food products and bioethanol.
The farm grows corn for grain and silage.
The structure of crop production areas in “Veliatichi” Poultry Farm OJSC
Tzotal area 5000 ha
Cereal crops

Oilseeds crops
Forage crops
2 115 ha
1 606 ha
1 279 ha
Specific gravity in the structure of the occupied area
Cereal crops
Oilseeds crops
Forage crops
42 %
32 %
26 %
Total area 100%

Belarus, Borisovsky district, agro-town Velyatichi, st. Leninskaya, 28