“Veliatichi” Poultry Farm OJSC has an extensive experience in this sector-oriented business, since it has been involved in it from 1960’s of the last century.
Currently, the poultry production is suspended due to the upcoming modernization of poultry houses, however the hatchery and slaughterhouse will continue their operation to provide services to legal entities and individuals.

The hatchery is one of the main shops of any poultry farm. Perfect cleanliness, high egg quality and flawless operation of the equipment are the mandatory requirements for the incubation process. The developed technology makes it possible to breed high-quality viable growing birds.
Poultry houses
“Veliatichi” Poultry Farm OJSC uses two types of poultry houses for keeping poultry: floor and cage poultry houses.
Floor poultry houses are the best option for housing, creating comfortable conditions for keeping the birds, thereby increasing their productivity.
Poultry cage houses allows the poultry stock to be increased 1.5-3-fold by breeding it in battery cages and veterinary and sanitary conditions to be improved in the poultry house.
In 2016, the reconstruction of the Halal technology-based slaughterhouse was completed, thereby making it possible to produce poultry meat meeting all international meat products safety, quality, and preservation standards. The shop specializes in slaughtering and processing of waterfowl and poultry.

Belarus, Borisovsky district, agro-town Velyatichi, st. Leninskaya, 28